Bangladesh Banking History


By earning independence in 1971 just finished war, the government of the Bangladesh has declared inspired of Central Bank named it the Bangladesh bank. The responsible of Bangladesh Bank was to controlling credit, currency, as well as monitoring the exchange of control.  The control of Bangladesh Bank did the total official task of foreign exchange. By that time the government has taken all national bank renamed all. By that time the all of foreign banks has given order to all time to communication to their business in Bangladesh that was total depend on Bangladesh Bank.

In Bangladesh was agriculture development almost 70’s the primary focus on it. The number of farmers and fishermen are toke to loan form Krishi Bank, as well as agriculture bank that are conducted by Bangladesh Bank. An amount of rural banks in our country gone up to amazing In 1977 to 1977 then the amount of loan’s people was 3.300.

By that time the government was start to remark to private industries then was to problem to bring to loan financial priorities on this project there was no proper identify on this project him despite of provable has given loan. Then after that recovery of industrial them then has gotten loan slowly. Loans have given most of person who were political power besides that most of them did pay loans to bring it. Ten new steps has taken by government that how to loans to buyer.

By seeing this kinds of bank then after that stared to make the Grameen bank. Grameen bank was founded in 1983 after establishing this bank has declared that who are poor and live with poor lien Grameen bank will be given loans with a lot of advantage. The new of Grameen bank got a lot women they want to loans from Grameen bank almost 80% girls and they are ignored most of financial bank only of Grameen bank then being to loans from Grameen bank which are 4% rural hosing as well as 8.5% self employment.

At first time Grameen Bank was given free loans almost to 200,000 poor people in the first pay as well as inaugurated. By that time Grameen bank was given a lot of loans by which most of poor person has changed own self live only for this loans by getting loans they are benefited. By that time grameen bank earned a lot of respect from another foreign country thank will be broad cast in the world. Grameen bank taken only 4% un-recovered loans which were very well point than other bank.

Then after that Grameen bank has given to make sure so that all of them will have to be benefited by this loans.  Another vital thing is that it advised all of buyer exact way how to will be succeeded it was great theme in Grameen Bank.  After getting this advice most of them to bring this loans then after that they are taken this loan another task after they would be benefited.

In the mid eighties the all of bank was being broader cast in Bangladesh only for loans. Nowadays a lot of private bank has opened in Bangladesh only for given loans as well as reserve etc such as the Bank of Asia, the Uttara Bank, AB Bank and IFIC Bank. So if you want to loans you can take a lot of loans by any different kinds of Bank by way of your wealth.