Bangladesh came back to all economic indicators of Pakistan” Part-1”


In 1947, during the partition of Business index of trade and the economy was well ahead of the then East Pakistan to West Pakistan and Bangladesh as well. However, West Pakistani rulers did not have time to go back to the development policies of exploitation and discrimination. Bangladesh is days. In 1971, the economy or business during the subjugation of True – not economic indicators in West Pakistan than in Bangladesh trailed. However, since independence, have to go slowly changing images. Bangladesh moves towards progress and development. Foreign exploitation – freed from the last four decades of deprivation this country became quite ripe. Economy, Business – trade and human resource development in many cases far ahead of Pakistan, Bangladesh today has left behind.

Pakistan has surpassed Bangladesh. The freedom to specify the name of the then East-Pakistan could be a businessman. Two Pakistani Business – trade was the key to the West Pakistanis. After the independence of Bangladesh as much progress in the past 43 years in business and investment, Pakistan did it. Pakistan is behind much of the export trade of Bangladesh. As seen in the corresponding offices in the two countries, in 2001 -13 years of Bangladesh’s export earnings exceeded $ 7 billion, and exports of Pakistan 4 decimal 5 billion. At the end of the current fiscal year, Pakistan’s export earnings are expected to be much higher than the people concerned.

Export trade is not the only country to meet domestic demand, import traders from Bangladesh – a much reduced dependence, as did Pakistan. Industry is leading financier and imported materials – because the industrial sector to develop alternative industries and reducing the cost of imports. 96 tons of food production in Pakistan increased from the period stands at three million tones. This decrease in food import bills. Pakistan’s export earnings so backward of imports is higher than Bangladesh. Pakistan has 45 billion dollars last year imported goods. There Bangladesh imported 34 billion dollars in spending. Besides having to import cost of revenue decreased, the overall trade deficit, much lower grades than Pakistan. Pakistan’s trade deficit is in the fiscal year, out of 01 -13 0 billion dollars. There are seven billion dollars of foreign trade deficit. Another large sector of foreign exchange earnings for Bangladesh and Pakistan, the remittances sent by expatriates. Pakistan and Bangladesh also has so on and so many behind. Nowadays they are received remittances from expatriates in Pakistan last year to $ 9 billion. There are 14 billion dollars sent overseas to Bangladesh.

Pakistan has surpassed Bangladesh. But the impact of these indicators is so far ahead of the two countries’ foreign exchange reserves more precisely. Foreign exchange reserves stood at 17 March until the last $ 19 billion. The relatively high cost of importing countries of Pakistan 9 decimal 6 billion of reserves. As a general rule, the amount of a country’s foreign currency reserves equal to the country’s import bill is at least three months. As such, Pakistan is less than the reserve. The cost of three months of imports in excess of $ 11 billion. And it is covers the cost of three months of import 8 billion decimal 5.

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