Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited


Bangladesh Commerce Bank has launched in the country with the multipurpose service points identified as ‘Touch Points’. The primary ‘Touch Points’ has been put in beside Uttara Branch. Step by step the Bank can install many ‘Touch Points’ round the prime locations of national capital town and broad.

Bank loan
The Bank is proving the BCB Kristi & Palli Loan and BCB Seasonal Loan (SME) which is very useful to farmer. Farmer can take loan and they will take interest on the bank loan.
1. BCB Krishi & Palli Loan
2. BCB Seasonal Loan (SME)
3. Any per-pus loan
4. Home loan
5. Business loan

Deposit rate
The Bank is giving the depots facilities; people can open fixed deposit with their abilities and their acceptable interest rate. If you create a fixed deposit then you get 7.00% to 11.00% interest.

1. Saving account rate is -5.00%
The minimum saving account interest rate is 5.00%, you can open a saving account to get the 5.00% interest on your money.

2. Credit Card is available.