Bangladesh economy is going on China – India “Part-1”


Floods, cyclones are over the country’s mineral resources, no abundance of natural resources. In 1943 and 1974, the country is facing severe famine. Then in 1975, 198 in June and 2007 in three military is coups. You already have the constant political disorder. Bangladesh-Economist But I caught the last twenty years has seen some other image analysis. 1990, 01 of the 10 years of the average life expectancy of the people has increased to 69 years from 59 years, 4 years older than the Indians. However, it is prove us that at least two times more than Indians, Bangladeshis average amount of property.

The amazing thing is not just rich man and poor man average life expectancy has increased. Health and education sectors to achieve the look in the eyes of the country will be splendid. For example – 90 percent more than in 2005 girls are enrolled in primary education, which is more than the boys. In 2000 it was half the number. Infant mortality rate in 1990 was 97 per thousand, and the number fell to 37 percent in 2010.  At the same time the high maternal mortality rate is 194 per million stands to come down. The average life expectancy of women and men, where there is less than one year, two years more than their current average life expectancy of men. This can be a wonderful improvement in health compared with only ninety-century revolution in the late Japan.

But this improvement is not for people earn. Bangladesh remains a poor country with a per capital income of 1900 dollars. The first decade after independence; the economy grew only two percent. But since the late nineties, the growth rates of over 5 percent permanently. As a result, the poverty rate was 49 percent in the year 2000, the 2010, it has only 3 percent. These unprecedented four causes can be identified for improvement. First, it is making the family planning and women’s empowerment. In 1975, the average woman of reproductive rate was 6.3, the figure stood at 3.4 percent in 1993. It is reproductive rate of only 3 people in the present, which is the standard rate for the nearby population control.

Bangladesh and Pakistan are different in Bangladesh-Economist 1971 the two countries had a population of around 6 million. Today Pakistan’s population of 18 million, but Bangladesh is 15 million. In addition to the elimination is of poverty and empowerment of women played a crucial role. Government efforts to education rates have improved tremendously. 20 with the same last year were poor textile percent improvement in the welfare of women and micro credit. Second, like other developing countries, Bangladesh Agricultural industry Avalanche, which has saved the country from the poverty hand. Even this year, the country achieved food self-sufficiency. Three years ago, the country’s total population, whereas the 0 at least one third food insecurity. 2001 of 2007 since the storm has passed twice through Bangladesh, three- point increase in food prices worldwide. At the time, many thought the economy would like the Avalanche. But that did nothing.

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