Bangladesh has a wide range of banking services


Over the last few years a significant change of the banking sector in Bangladesh is going forward. The amount of the financial sector and economic is enlargement and development of the entire nation, with the changes being made. The bank has branches, unable to feel the effects of changes in the masses. Banking services to the doorsteps of the people of the whole country considering geographical reach mode for public, private and foreign banks together have a total of 4 of the 56 state-owned banks, 4 specialized banks, 50 + private banks, including foreign banks 9.

The bank has 84 branches in 7, consisting of the current banking network. During the past four years 157 opening new bank branches have been approved. Banking services to the rural masses must be included in the opening half of the new branches in the branch / central bank for people to set up in rural areas. Most of the bank is currently serving more than a village bank branches. This is going to be a resurgence of the rural economy in the unthinkable.

Currently all branches 5.88 million depositors and 95.98 million borrowers there. Those banks respectively, out of the total of 5771 and 446 billion in deposits and lending money. At the end of December, there were 2008 depositors and borrowers, there were 3.76 million 85.79 million. The interval between the last four years, the number of depositors and borrowers increased .1 million and 10.19 million respectively.

The Reduction in the number of deposit and loan is growth of 56 percent and 1 percent, respectively. Moreover, the close supervision of the Bangladesh Bank, the country’s financial institutions, with 31 going to continue their activities. The last four years, the financial institution has established 90 branches.

Non – bank financial institutions like banks collectively are not big, but they are small and medium entrepreneurs to facilitate the lease, finance, home loans and project loans is like going through specialized banking services’ Been associated with the newly prevalent mobile banking. Then, the country’s banking payment arrangements outside of this community is to provide a ray of hope for a new life. Nowadays Mobile banking is activities in the country as a successful venture for all recognizable people.

Poor and working class people of the country and the banking the country’s traditional banking to reach banking services, mobile banking is more useful than it has been proven already. Even the banks mobile banking model is being discussed as an example throughout the world. Allow up to 7 banks were banks. Meanwhile, the bank launched the service in 18.

These banks are across the country, more than one hundred companies and individuals who acted as agent. Now mobile banking has 7 million registered customers. In just three years, the number of mobile banking services is very significant to exploit the customer. Nowadays is growing public interest in mobile banking services.

Bangladesh Bank Financial Inclusion Financial Services is swift action. This impact has started to promote the rural economy. Financial inclusions campaign to persuade farmers, extremely poor communities, poor backward people in the name of freedom and society at ten has advised banks to open bank accounts. Under the current financial social safety need for farmers, 96 million and 36 million of the total of one million to 3 million accounts have been opened. It has a wide range of banking services in the Bangladesh.