Banks – System and Morality


As a result, banks and financial institutions today’s world is upset again. Recurrent happening in the world of corporate scandals fruity, banks – a system of Morality handful Motion conscious people today, and the garage is not an abstract ideal. Banks – a system of ethics in today’s world to life – and death situation. Ethical banks – law is a gray background, the moral obligation to ensure the most important issues in today’s financial institutions.
Thirty decades after the Depression, the global economy has ever faced this situation in the volatile. 1 q and evil in the world, according to International Monetary Fund estimates banks for borrowing from them four trillion dollars in assets (i.e., four hundred million dollars, or 80 lac cores) will be written off. Better to address around 11 per cent of annual gross domestic product states. Shares by the slowing economy, housing, etc. asset value has fallen dramatically.

For example, it may be, less the value of assets in the 8th decimal 3 trillion dollars (eight million of the 30 million or 581 lac core) loss. This address annual domestic product of the United States about three – fourths equal. It is occurred as a result of the global recession, which has the same wide range of industrialized and developing countries. The recession is not abrupt at times, but it 2007-09. Ongoing surveillance, control (regulatory restrictions) and the precautionary principle has been increasing despite the severity of the recent crisis in the financial sector.

Savings and loan associations in the United States in the eighties (Saving and Loan Associations) scandal, corporate accounting scandals of the past decade in the financial and corporate sectors have repeatedly seen. These scandals were sometimes established and respected firms Auditor. However, people outside of the financial institutions, the most important of these are the pillars of surveillance for the protection of deposits. Impact of agonizing work behind these endless passion for profit, which is right – feel unfair, Happy – sinister feel and the ability to work curtailed. These deficiencies in the crisis of governance in developing countries like Bangladesh has made more conspicuous. The absence of good governance in these countries has shabby. Main goal of the article, the banking sector is essential to the study of ethical problems.

Decentralized management structure, with some officials of the bank’s major decision-making power is instant. For example, the British investment bank experiences can be recalled. Mark this organization) the name of a medium -level decision unit of one billion dollars (about seven thousand corer) losses imposed on the company. That was a long time working with reputable organizations, the company became extinct just an official break. In this environment, bank managers are responsible for any point of not less than the bank’s employees. If the person who manages the bank, their character and personal qualities is depend largely on the existence of financial institutions. The owners and senior officers of the bank to ensure the moral qualities of the twenty-first century meant a big challenge to the financial sector. This is a big attraction for two at moral philosophers tend to emphasize the role of the banking sector to natural persons. But this approach is not sufficient to solve the ethical bank.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, David Carson wrote the truth, “the bank higher morality is a luxury, not abstract concepts. Indeed, to protect the reputation of the bank and increase Morality and ensures long- term commercial success. It is not just a duty of moral duties properly, the work is profitable.