Requirements of Home Loan in Bangladesh – How To Get

Home Loan

Requirements of Home Loan in Bangladesh – How To Get

For having a home to live well is expected to all. Many of us are thinking that if I have an attractive home. Whenever, the home is buying or making newly, the economical finance that has planned to budge may be shortage. In this state, many of banks in Bangladesh are offers to take home loan by giving attractive benefits like as charges, duration of the loan, competitive rates and so on. Anyone can apply to take the loan after knowing the requirements that need. I am going to inform all who are searching requirements of getting the home loan from the bank in Bangladesh. And Some Requirements are as following –

Requirements of Home Loan: It is mostly important to all for learning what the requirements of home need. So, think the crucial requirements of Home Loan in Bangladesh –

1. First of all, one needs providing an application form of a bank that you desire.

2. Along with application form, National ID card, Driving License or Passport copy

3. Need photo of candidates

4. Salary certificate must be showed when one is salaried person

5. For Businessmen, Trade License must give with application form.

6. Report of account (personal or business) that you have issued by any financial institutions.

7. Show Tax Identification Number ( TIN ) Certificate if have

8. It is better to show the repayment record that had occurred past to another financial institution.

9. If you have approved copy of loan from other financial institution, you will attest to the application form.

10. Show deed if you have for income.

11. Also show the copy of deed of partnership or ownership

12. All kinds of copies that one has with other assets or properties.

I am sure, if anyone enable to attach these requirements, the will try to approve applying home loan. Before applying to get the home loan, anyone needs to learn these requirements.

The investment of Bangladesh

The amount of foreign exchange reserves of the country for the first time exceeded 16 billion U.S. dollars. It is to be mentioned specifically in any. If it is less than the surplus of exports over imports is. That’s our reserve or reserve. To import industrial raw materials, capital machinery, consumer goods, etc. all mean nothing. To export the two means the sector. These two sectors are very good and imports more than our situation.

That is why our country is built on a large reserve. This equation is very positive that the inflated reserve or reserve. Optimal level of foreign currency reserves due to increased depreciation of rupee against the U.S. dollar in the local market. But our neighboring country India rupee exchange rate for the local currency. In addition to the price of the dollar is going to rise. It is understood that, we are not just foreign exchange, currency management is pretty good overall. Many people say, why so reserve? From abroad, expatriate Bangladeshis to send the dollars do you discourage them? We want more and more of remittance.

Expatriate Bangladeshis to send you more money in reserve, and then certainly increase. It is a good sign for the country’s economy over the reserve. Elsewhere question. How do we use him to blow up the creation of this reserve? Economists think, as a country’s foreign exchange reserves to meet import bills for 3 months when he was considered satisfactory. We are currently in the reserve with a 5 -month expenses can be imported. As you grow more, to 6 months expenses in reserve in case of import, we’ll say this reserve is very reliable. It will then use the money more productively. There is a Task Force of the Bangladesh Bank, the daily news in the world of dollars in interests rates are available. Investments where there is more available rate.

Central banks around the world are doing the procedure and. If the amount of the reserve, and it goes up to 0 billion dollars spent on imports to meet the 6 -month period is reached, then we can consider the use of alternative reserve. He may be invested in the short term bonds. If the increase in our revenues. It is now safe to use the money from the reserve. Bond or the return will be higher in such sectors. That should be our goal.

Come in remittance illegal way. But now the trend has become less. Remittances have increased so much in recent times because of the lost. Many questions are going to use the remittance money why not invest locally. We must remember, is not money remittance government. Who send money remittance money goes to his family. The government is just making its reserves from dollars bought. Where to invest this money? The Bangladesh Bank is a commercial bank that will lend money to people. However, a limited reserve funds can be invested in any project. But we have not yet reached that stage. 0 billion in reserve until the creation of the conditions will be. We can now go to the bond market in the Reserve. Bangladesh Bank could see the worry.

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Find the Best Investment Company in Bangladesh

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