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In Bangladesh has many website, Amarpolicy is one of them. It is the First time Real SEO Company has discovered a wonderful website which work on the Bangladeshi banks. There are lots of website services we get but it is first time we will get the Banking comparable info. We research all banking activities in Bangladesh. We mark the best banks in Bangladesh. We have a chart; here we include the best banks in top chart. Bangladeshi all banks is not same.


Banks has different kinds of services. And each bank wants to catch market by different way. But they are not giving all type of best service. One bank gives the best facilities based on part of activities. Some banks are creating new activities which is absent to other banks. Minimum 60 over bank has in Bangladesh. When someone need bank loan, they go to take loan form bank but they don’t know which bank is giving the large amount of loan with low interest rate.

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