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Name: Foreign Employment Loan

Description: Foreign Employment Loan reduces the economical obstacle of a country. As it is more important to have great contribution in the field of economics, a number of banks in Bangladesh are trying to do the loan service. From the banks, Uttara Bank Limited is one of them. Uttara Bank Limited in Bangladesh provides Foreign Employment Loan which overcomes the financial difficulties from a nation as well. Foreign Employment Loan from Uttara Bank Limited in Bangladesh also helps to reduce the unemployment problem of the country.

Where to use the loan ?

To meet the Financial Expenses for going abroad for employment purpose of son/daughter or any other dependant.

Loan Amount:

~ Minimum BDT 25000.00

~ Maximum BDT 2.00 Lac

Loan Tenure: 12 months to 60 months

Repayment System: Equal Monthly Instalment (EMI)


1. Age 20 Upto 45 years old

2. Minimum Yearly income (Net BDT): Three times of the proposed limit

3. Borrower must reside for at least 6 month in the same address.

Required Documents:

Recent Passport size photographs of applicant(s) and guarantor (s).

Photocopy of NID/Passport of applicant (s) and guarantor (s)

Latest Utility Bill (Gas/Water/Electricity)

Business Card/Office ID of applicant (s) and guarantor (s), if any.

Latest Tax Certificate / E-TIN

Personal Net Worth statements of applicant (s) and guarantor (s).

Copy of all academic & experience certificates

Copy of Air Tickets with the confirmed date of journey as endorsed by the BMET
Details of expenditure

Copy of Visa and Labour Contract provided from the concerned office of consulate /high commission / embassy.

Interest Rate: 12.00% per annum with quarterly rest subject to change

Where to apply?

Visit nearby any branch of Uttara Bank Limited in Bangladesh to apply for getting the loan. Talk to the branch manager about details.