Foreign investment is increasing in Bangladesh “Part-1”


To develop a country foreign investment is very essential.  Without foreign investment a country can’t develop their economic activities. The investment can change the gross profit of a country. Gross profit is the essential to invest the government to their right sectors. Foreign investment is the large amount of the internal investment sectors in Bangladesh foreign direct investment (FDI) is increasing. Foreign direct investment increased 80 percent in five-year interval. At 2008-09, where the 96 million dollars in foreign investment in fiscal year came in the 2001 -13 year stands at $ 173 million. Bangladesh Bank has recently presented data on foreign direct investment situation, the date from which these data were available.

Analysis of trends in investment flows in the last two fiscal years of the five billion dollars in foreign investment has gone up. If these trends continue, and at the end of the current fiscal year, foreign direct investment flows in the 2013-14 could exceed 200 million dollars. Trade balance data from a table to a Bangladesh Bank, the first half of the current fiscal year (July – December) stands at 84 billion dollars in foreign direct investment.

Can be seen that the structure of foreign investment in the past five years, 45 percent of total foreign investment in new capital. And that is the new capital, brings some of the existing companies. However, it is mostly due to new investments in the country. 41 percent of the total investment is the country from foreign and multinational companies to reinvest the earnings and profits and minimum 14 percent of the loan companies.

Investment in priority sectors like textiles, banking and telecommunications. While the switch’s position in any of five years – has changed. In the 2008-09 and 2009-2010 of the year is as investment in the telecommunication sector, but not in the next two years. However, foreign investment in this sector has increased over the last year.

In contrast to the first two years of investment banking sector, the continued increase in the next three years. However, foreign investment in the textile and apparel sector has risen consistently for the past five years. Note the three sectors mentioned in the fuel sector, foreign investment did not increase significantly compared. 010-11 and 011-1 of the fiscal year by more than 10 million dollars were invested. Earlier – was quite low again in the next years from.

The overall positive trend is in foreign investment. It seems that foreign investors are interested in Bangladesh. Despite political unrest, particularly foreign investment increased. It’s significant. “However, there is no sector investment coming from and where it is – and is well understood. Foreign investment has largely been concentrated in a few sectors are considered. Coming back from where investments, which is quite surprising. Such as the British Virgin Islands or who are looking to invest in Bangladesh, need to look into it a little. Initially the idea was to put some of that money laundered from Bangladesh coming back this way.

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