How to Get Loan from Dutch Bangla Bank


The time when one is searching best bank in Bangladesh for getting loans may consider about Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL). Without a doubt the bank offers to public to capture reasonable opportunities on getting different types of loans like as home loan, student loan, consumer loan, travel loan and different types of loans. Before getting the loan, the bank adds some thoughts that one must be considered. Here are some of thoughts that the bank include before giving the loan.

1. Purpose of the loan

• The field where one need to investment money is called procurement. The bank get the loan in order to make better the procurement.
• For the development of existing business, the loan one can get from the bank.
• Judge the field that is favorable or not.
• “What capability one has to repay” the bank thinks before approving the loan after applying.
• Only those who are interested in starting small business can approve the loan

2. Limitation of the Loan

• By depending on features of loans like as student loan, business loan, personal loan, car loan, the bank will offer to take the loan. Minimum of loan is about 1,00,000
• And maximum of the loan is 10,000,000.

3. Interest Rate

• The bank will offer getting best rate. The rate is about 20% is who are clean to repay the loan.
• 17% interest rate is given by the bank those who are collateral.
• The bank is offering 0% fees for processing
• The bank is leaving restitution fee for applicants

4. Term of Loans: Another great feature of the bank is term of getting the loan. The terms may be as –

• Minimum Six month
• Maximum sixty month (Depend of field, it will be longer than it).

5. Nationality

• One must be had nationality of Bangladeshi.

6. Eligibility

• Experience is mandatory to all. For all, at least two years experiences are need.
• Age is limited to apply for getting the loan ( Minimum 21 years and maximum 65 years )
• One also shows the income source of month. By depending on professions like as businessmen 30000, self reliant person 25000 and employee 20000, the bank demand to describe the copy of income source.

For getting the loan from Dutch Bangla Bank Limited, one must be learn those requirements before applying.