Get Professional Loan from Bank Asia


Having a realistic career is expected to all. But sometimes, the career is going to end in order to have troubles on personal finance. In this situation, both men and women are walking the way that may assist to build up the career. For overcoming the career or professional troubles, Bank Asia is informing to take the career or professional loan. The previous time when one is going to apply can thing some options that the bank is arranging for getting the loan. Those who are interested in learning more options for the loan learn the information that I am going to explain and these options are as following –

Divide different types of Professions: The Bank Asia is classifying the professions first and these professions are may be as –

1. Doctors or medical professionals
2. Engineers
3. Architects
4. IT professionals
5. Management Consultants

Feature of Loan:

1. Loan amount: Feature of Profession, the bank may pray to take the loan. But at least 50,000 minimum and maximum about 5, 00,000.
2. Payment Duration: If you compare the duration of payment of the loan, you can choose the bank first. This is because; the bank is offering to repay the loan for 1 – 6 years.

Way for paying:

1. To have a similarity for paying the loan, the bank demands to pay the loan monthly.
Reasonable Rate:
1. As the time is going to take the banking market in hand, the bank is also assisting to give a reasonable interest rate that you compare with other bank and finally take a decision that the bank is suitable for you.
2. There are no early settlement fees.
3. Hidden cost is not wanted by the bank.

Eligibility for Applying:

1. Limitation of Age: At least 25 years and maximum 65 five years
2. Limitation of income: Per month of income must be 15000 for one.
3. Having nationality of Bangladesh
4. Experience about 2 years is must for all kinds of professions. It may be got reduced by communicating with manager of branch of the Bank.

If you are able to approve the loan from the Bank Asia then you will assure that your life will be made of peace and comfort. Try to arrange these requirements before applying to the bank.