Home Loan Eligibility of MTB in Bangladesh


Having a own home is a great expectation to all. Owning a home is a great challenge too. While going to purchase a new home/apartment, anyone may face for having economical shortage. When you are in this problem, just think about Mutual Trust Bank(MTB). The bank may assist you providing a home loan that can be made of truth for owing a home or apartment. If you determine to accept the package from its, you must follow some of eligibility that need to approve the loan. Some of eligibility of MTB are —–

1. Age of Loan Receiver:

• Minimum –21 years old

• Maximum – 65 years old

2. For 100% cash covered loan:

• Age- minimum 18 and maximum 70 years at loan maturity

3 Range of Salary:

• Those who are salaried person must be earned 25000 taka

• Those who are self reliant person must be earned 30000 taka

• And those who are businessmen must be earned 40000 taka

4. Experience:

Experience is a factor that the Mutual Trust Bank Limited is considered

• Three years for salaried person

• Three years for self reliant person

• Three years for land lord.