Home Loan of IDLC Finance Limited in Bangladesh


Getting Home Loan from IDLC Finance Limited is no doubt a good choice. When you are going here and there to search Home Loan providers in Bangladesh, you can choose this institution as your best partner. And it makes sure your dream in reality. With providing easy home loan, it offers you to receive many of opportunities which may satisfy your demands. The demands are basically on having a dreamed home.

Key Benefits of Home Loan of IDLC

Equal considerations of any profesions

Providing a dedicated and supportive service

Having option for choosing Fixed or Variable rate of interest

Sanction the loan within the shortest time

Pre-payment option

Avail Income Tax Rebate on annual interest payment on Home Loan up to Taka 20 Lacs

Municipality Holding Tax rebate

Enjoying competitive interest rate

Lowest Charges

Availability of Home Loans

The availability of Home loans are as below –

purchasing of apartment/house/commercial space/approved housing plots

Construction of residential/commercial buildings

Renovation or extension of residential complex

As Home Equity loan against mortgage of property


Before taking the loan, you must be eligible for our Home Loan facility. To avail this loan, one must be —–

You must be 25 years aged but not more than 60 years

Earning on a regular basis from a sustainable source of employment or business

Loan Term
Category        Maximum Term         Maximum Age
Professional      20 years                 65 years
Businessmen     15 years                60 years
Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRBs) 10 years 60 years
Service Holders 20 years              60 years

Repayment system
Equal Monthly Installments (EMI).

Interest Rate and Fees

Most Probably it offers you a competitive interest rate and low fees. There is variation on rates by depending on a customer’s financial status, amount borrowed and repayment terms.

How to Apply

If you determine to take the loan from IDLC, you can apply to the the institutions. For apply, you can go through online and submit complete application form, along with the required documents, at your nearby IDLC branch office.

Or call to 16409 learning details about Home Loan of IDLC Finance Limited