House Building Finance from NCC Bank in Bangladesh



NCC Bank

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Name: House Building Finance

Description:Housing is one of the five prime needs of mankind. Everybody has a dream to have a dwelling house of his own. NCC Bank’s Housing Loan with competitive rates, convenient features and simple procedures will enable you to turn your dream into reality.

Loan Amount:-

~ Maximum Tk.75,00000/.

~ Minimum Tk.5,00000/

Loan Tenure: 05 years to 15 years

Where to use the loan ?

There are 3 fields where anyone can use the loan from NCC Bank. These fields are as below –

~ Purchases of Flats/Houses

~ Construction of building on own land

~ Extension of building/floors

Eligibility: To approve the loan, an applicant must be achieved eligibility to achieve the loan easily. An applicant must have the following eligibility and these are as below –

Service holder: 3-years service experience

Professional: 3-years experience

Businessman: 3-years experience

Interest Rate: Competitive Interest Rate as per Bank’s Policy and Bangladesh Bank

Where to apply ?

When you determine to accept House Building Finance from NCC Bank, you can visit any nearby branches. If you do this through online, you can visit and learn about the details about this.