How benefit of mobile banking


Our economy is going away day by day. We are discovered new method of transfer money like a bank. Nowadays mobile banking is one of the best services in Bangladesh.  The number of companies is providing the mobile banking service. It is like a bank service; by the mobile banking you can transfer money easily anywhere. At present mobile banking is more popular in Bangladesh. Some of the mobile banking companies are very popular in Bangladesh. Minimum 15 mobile companies are giving the service. By mobile banking we can transfer money easily and it is related with the banks activities.

Opportunities on mobile banking

  1. By mobile bank you can transfer money to others accounts and any kinds of banking accounts.
  2. You can withdraw your money anytime.
  3. You can keep your money on your mobile accounts.
  4. It has extra opportunities; you can upload money on your Tele-phone number.
  5. You can transfer money anytime by your mobile. Nowadays some mobile banking is giving the foreign money transferring service.
  6. Nowadays mobile banking service is giving more opportunities.
  7. Nowadays by mobile banking has done the mobile marketing.
  8. Some mobile banking is giving the payment of your bill.
  9. You can transfer your money to others mobile banking accounts.
  10. You can withdraw your money by your nearest mobile banking agent & the mobile bank brace.
  11. Mobile banking is giving you to withdrew 20,000 money withdrew on the ATM both.
  12. Some mobile banking are given the online money withdrew opportunities.
  13. The mobile banking companies charge the low amount for their service.
  14. Some companies don’t take the transaction charge.
  15. It is providing you to communicate with the others banks besides it is giving you to others opportunities on the mobile banking.
  16. Some mobile bank companies are giving the Merchant Payment
  17. Some are giving the Remittance Disbursement opportunities
  18. Besides Salary Disbursement opportunities
  19. Nowadays, some mobile banking companies are giving the cash deposit opportunities.
  20. You can transfer your money to help the ATM both.

Disadvantage of mobile banking

There are very small disadvantage of mobile banking are below

  1. It has a limit withdrew of daily transaction on ATM both.
  2. They take a charge on every money transfer transaction.

Therefore, mobile banking is now most popular banking service which is going to be more popular in the present world. Nowadays many people are opening a new mobile banking service it is the part of the banking service but the service is monitoring by the bank.