How to Get Personal Loan from HSBC in Bangladesh


Are you thinking to overseas vacation, buy a computer or furniture and rebuild you home? Are you in troubles of money to do these activities? In this consideration, thinking to get a personal loan may solve these economic problems for one. Are you searching best bank for this? If you do this, you can consider HSBC that may fulfill you desire. The bank is offering great benefits for getting the loan. When you think this bank, you can consider some things –

Key Benefits

  1. Payment system

2. Lowest Interest

3. Early Settlement

4. Security

5. Cashback System

7. Changing the repayment Dates

8. Joint Borrowers


To be eligible for an HSBC Personal Loan you need to:

1. Select your purpose where you use the loan money

2. Need some documents that assure the safety

3. A Man who is 23 years old can apply for the loan

4. Those who are the employed by a well-established company can income about 15000 tk.Self-employed individuals can also apply subject to proof of income.

5. Amount of loan 50000-1000000

6. The repayment system is very good. By depending on the amount of loan, the period of repaying will be different such as 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 instalments.

How to Apply

Considering 2 ways must be followed when you are going to apply for the loan from the bank. The ways are as-

1. If you have an HSBC current account-

a) Apply online

b) Apply in branch

c) Apply by Phone

d) Apply by mobile Banking

2. If you don’t have an HSBC current account –

a) Apply online

b) Apply in branch

c) Apply by Phone

To learn more details, you can call to 16240