How to Open a Prime Cash Account


Prime Cash is basically joint service between Prime Bank Ltd. and Dipon Consultancy Services. This service provides some facilities like as improve savings, easy banking and secured cash. The activity of the service is arranged in Biometric Smart Card based. The service has reached not only rural area but also urban areas. Those who are un-banked of prime bank can take some of its services like as fast, safe and simple mechanism throughout Bangladesh.

Prime Cash
Prime Cash is a Biometric Smart Card that is used to working as authentic code. There is no need of SMS, PIN numbers or cryptic codes for remembering. You need your fingerprint and Prime Cash Card for this system. When one has only a Prime Cash Card, there is no need of mobile phone. This is because, mobile phones or sim cards may be lost. As an alternative of mobile phone or sim card, the card will play a great role to do banking activities is smart way.

Services Available :

1. Open Account

2. Deposit

3. Easy Withdrawal Methods

4. Money Transanction

5. Foreign Remittance

6. DPS

7. ATM Facility

8. Recharge to Mobile

9. Balance Inquiry

Key Benefits:

1. 12 hours banking hours

2. Finger Print Authentication method

3. Countrywide Network

How to Open a Prime Cash Account?

If you determine to open a prime cash account, you will follow-

1. At first, you can visit a Prime Cash Service Point

2. Talk about benefits of this service.

3. Fill up a opening form required information

4. Enter the finger print and relevant information

5. Get Confirmation Code of the accout through SMS.

Need Documents

Attested Photocopy of National ID Card/ Driving License/ Passport

Attested one passport size photograph

Attested by account holder one passport size photograph of Nominee