Impediments of Economic development of Bangladesh “part-1”


Bangladesh’s economy has many problems. Some of the most fundamental problems I have described. One of the main problems to discuss economic development –

Backward agricultural system:

30 percent of the national income comes from agriculture sector. Moreover, 85 percent of the country’s agriculture is directly dependent on how or remote start using some advanced technology, but its speed at workplace many hundreds. Moreover, agricultural materials, such as – seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation equipment, etc. are considerably higher in our country a poor farmer is not possible to use. The farmers from natural disasters as well as hard harvesting system still did not invent any of ÿ. Because of poor agricultural production, due to the higher cost of production in agriculture, economic development, etc.


Poverty is a huge impediment to economic development. Approximately 5.1 percent of the country’s population living below is the poverty line. In 1990-91, 49.7 per cent decline in poverty stood at 40 percent of the poor population is still too much in 009-10. Huge population in food, clothing, accommodation for the huge amounts of money, which is requires a barrier to economic development in the country.

Illiterate and unskilled manpower;

Although the literacy rate in the country, nearly 55 percent of them knows a big part of the name only to sign. Resulting inefficiency due to illiteracy is to ensure full use of the natural not going to happen, or what part of the revolution of modern technology or not being able to take advantage of. And because the majority of people affected as ÿ and it is unskilled. This is going to l ø Shaw economic development speed.

Poor infrastructure:

Poor infrastructure is another important cause of economic. To achieve maximum benefit from the challenges of globalization than nothing for it is to us. Therefore, based on the production and export infrastructure is development needs reduction extravagance. Bangladesh, in particular for the transport of Ra ¯ Í Wharf Building , telephone , fax , internet connection , gas and electricity supply, prescribing , Chittagong and Port Development , container terminals must build etc. If any provision of these local – not foreign to any investor interested in investment. An official visit to Bangladesh at the end of World Bank structural weaknesses remarked that the main obstacle to the development of economy.

Backwardness of the industry:

This is another major obstacle to economic development. Developing countries, a large part of the GDP comes from the industrial sector. On the other hand we have the majority of the GDP comes from the agricultural sector. Foreign investment is not expected for several reasons, because the industry is not going area. The industrial sector growth is decreasing rather than getting. 1990 – The first eight years of the decade was nearly 8 percent growth rate in industrial sector, 1999 – 4 in 2000. With the growth of the manufacturing is industry of creation of new employment and exports have increased. So do not allow the industry to continue economic backwardness.