Impediments of Economic development of Bangladesh “part-2”


I have posted the First part of the Impediments of Economic development of Bangladesh part-1 last day. Today I have explained part-2

Population growth:

Covers only about 16 million people live in 1, 47,570 sq km. nearly 1084 people per square kilometer of the people live. A huge population of food, clothing, shelter, education of ÿ, vehicles, medical, economic, social and political causes additional stress. Meanwhile, the country’s per capita income and living standards are declining and the country’s economic development is disrupted.

Import dependency:

Foreign Trade is a key factor in the country’s economy. At workplace are not at all grades conditions. Bangladesh exported goods that amount, much more than is imported from abroad. As a result, the balance of international grades tokens then goes away. So, it turns out, tokens, another fundamental economic problem is the foreign trade of Bangladesh.

Low per capital income:

Bangladesh’s population is very low per capital income of just 750 U.S. dollars. The low income is not distributed again. Economy as a result of ‘ low income – low investment – low productivity – low income ‘ – the vicious cycle of being rotated. So here’s the standard of living of people with humble and ever lived in poverty . For the development of a 16 – 0 percent to national savings, but we have only 8 per cent of national savings.

Laws – aggravation of discipline:

The law and order situation in Bangladesh is not optimized at all for the country’s economic development. Terrorism, extortion, tender manipulation, murder, kidnapping, bribery, assassination, corruption has entered into a cell by cell. Law and order situation in the country which has a lot of foreign direct investment in the country goes back to the airport. For economic development in the country is not only, is shameful for us.


Transparent and corruption-free administration for the economic development of the country is one of the essential conditions. But it has become an integral part of the culture we have today. Those opposed to the development plans of the government of the time or are not being implemented. This development is being hindered as well, as the rising cost of the project. Moreover, due to corruption in the country of foreign capital investors do not want to invest in them. Different customs check points tend to come to this country due to corruption on foreign tourists. Economist John Williamson spoke at a seminar in the Department of South Asia – Bangladesh, would reduce corruption and step increase investment in GDP growth rate of 4 percent and 0.5 percent increase. This is definitely embarrassing for us.

Unemployment problem:

Almost two million people are unemployed in the country. They contribute to the country’s economy result. Because they are responsible government food, clothing and housing facilities are not. Production activities in the country involved in the community, those who are unemployed and demand for food is increasing day by day. The problem is the severe economic structure of the country is beginning to break. With the creation of the rule of law and order deteriorated Tantric complications. Therefore, the problem of unemployment is seen as a barrier to the development of the country.