Janata Bank Limited


How many nationalized banks in northern Bangladesh in 1971 to build the Janata Bank Limited is one of the leading roles. Janata Bank Limited on November 15, from 007 companies as well as its activities is conducted. Janata Bank with 864 branches in the country and overseas customers conveys the best banking services. Nearly thirteen thousand employee’s socio – economic development of the Janata Bank is continuing its banking activities. Janata Bank earned the honor of being the best bank in Bangladesh is 2009 .The Bank is providing maximum of TK. 10 million. The maximum loan is up to TK.5 million. The debit equity ratio will be TK.5 million.

Bank Loan
1. Personal Loan
2. Business Loan
3. Car loan
4. Education Loan
5. Home Loan

Deposite rate
The bank is proving the multi categories system bank deposit rate for their customer. It is depends on the duration if you want to make money by opening deposit the chart can help you. If you open a fixed deposit then you will get minimum 8.50% to 9.50% interest.

1. Saving account rate is- 5.75%
2. Debit card is available.