Japan wants to increase trade in Bangladesh


The business already has – their business activities in the country in which 80 percent of Japanese businesses want to expand further. Within the next one to two years, and they are willing to do this. Japan’s Economy, Trade and Industry is the most essential part of country so it is need to develop in our country to develop more. The Bangladesh government should take extra investment on the industrial sectors. Dhaka Chamber and the Japan External Trade Organization jointly organized the seminar. Event through an article in several countries in Asia four thousand 504 Japanese business organization, presented the results of a survey conducted on the position. The survey of 34 institutions is that participated in doing business in Bangladesh.

According to Japanese institutions participating in the survey, Bangladesh and India, operating profit growth they are looking very likely. According to the survey, 55 of the 2013 organizations represented 9 percent of those in the country over the previous year was predicted to increase their operating profit. However, the 67- year growth forecast to 6 percent profit businesses. This forecast of India. 336 India does business with the Japanese company has forecast its operating profit increase 63 percent to decimal 1.The Business Confidence Index by the society in Bangladesh where India Index 56 Index 61 decimal to 6 decimal 7 . In Asia, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Pakistan are more than in confidence.

Bangladesh has a high potential to sell the product. This is the best option to our country because a Japanese firm is in 104 countries; Bangladesh has the potential to be the third in South Asia. Japanese companies are doing business in Bangladesh, 176. Nearly all have been able to achieve sustainable growth. The private sector investment, economic growth will help Japan. The government is working to increase local and foreign investment. This investment opportunity has been kept arbitrary. It will attract foreign investors. Japanese investors to set up economic zone in the country urged the international standards.

DCCI has told that Japan to $ 317 million in 437 projects through direct investment. Minimum amount is 75 billion dollars in exports to Japan in 013 by the export earnings of Bangladesh. At the same time imports from Japan is 116 million dollars. Bangladesh exports from Japan to control 90 percent of the total product, only seven – eight products. It is rather the shrimp, leather and leather products, ready made garments, jute and jute goods and other products. He urged more businesses to export. The Japanese entrepreneur’s gas exploration, power generation, communications, infrastructure and agro-based industry urged to invest.

The paper was presented at the seminar on Japan’s trade situation in Bangkok senior researcher. Earlier, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Dhaka Chamber. Signed to the Native Representative are Director, President and Bangladesh. The DCCI directors were present. Hopefully, Japan’s investment will be very important and helpful to our country and I am sure the investment is one of the positive effects for our country trading.