Need economic development in Bangladesh


In the context of economic development in poverty-stricken Bangladesh were discussed during the downsizing. Different styles, different programs have been adopted. Has taken several plan. But more than half the country’s population has development. I can say that there have been positive changes in their economic conditions. Bangladesh is a third world developing country and countries of the world are on low incomes. After independence in 1971 the country spent a long day, but we were unable to gain success in the desired economic at workplace.


The Prerequisite is for economic development, the political status of any country, good breeding. Unless the political economic development of any country can’t be stopped ÿ p. Paki child exploitation as a result of economic injustice during the former regime, the economic development is attained noted ø not showing. On the other hand we can make the best social work to take our bank loan for working for growing our country. The people and the small organization can make the small business. Our country central banks ready for giving money. Unlimited freedom in economic activity error and inefficiency, corruption, waste of resources, etc., to accelerate the pace of economic growth is not due. Moreover, it has become an integral part of the political turmoil in the country. Previously selected to the 1991 Legislature could fulfill his lifetime. Since 1991 across full-time elected period was nearly full, but political unrest, strikes, blocks, etc.

This versatile is long-term economic, political, and social problems due to slow pace of development in the country. Economic development of third world countries like Bangladesh, there are many fundamental problems. PS If you can’t solve these problems æ information is desired economic development. There are considerable differences in the definition of economic development economists. It is need in the light of their own perspectives attempt to explain. However, the general economic development of the basic needs of the population of any country that meets all ¯ Í refers to the increase in the national income, which is income – continuing to contribute to reducing the cost, increasing the rate of employment growth and overall development of a person’s life is ever- vigilant.

Williams and Patrick – ‘s opinion , long time, the people of a country or region ‘s continuing growth in per capital production and services process is called economic development .Professor Snider- ‘s opinion , ‘ continued growth in per capital production ÿ power or the economic development process . According to renowned economist no person or society is the development of social, economic, political and development is a complex process. In sum, economic development or the moving speed of the process by which an economic system in the long -term physical national income increases. Economic development alters the structure of the economy and society is the creation of new higher speed. Is a key determinant of economic development, natural resources, capital, supplies, organizing and organizer, engineering and technical improvement need to develop in various sectors?