Requirements for Getting Student Loan in Bangladesh


Economical problem during student life may have for the students who are basically not strong by money. One may pass the life through difficulties. But at present banks are offering to receive student loan for the students who are unable to bear the educational expenses. If you are thinking to receive this, you must find out a bank that provides all your demands by taking loan you desire. Only choosing a bank is not enough for the loan. You also consider some of requirements while receiving the loan. Just follow the requirements before going to take loan.


Amount of Loan: There are numerous banks which are offering to take student loan. Before giving the loan, the banks are arranging some requirements and both of all requirements, the primary requirement is –

Amount of giving the Loan – A good bank in Bangladesh offer to take the student on different considerations like as –

1. Give loan for foreign students who are interested in getting higher degree. About 1, 00,000 – 10, 00,000 the best banks will offer.

2. Those who want to get studied from local university the bank can offer 30,000 – 3,00,000

3. Also the banks get lower amount of loan when one is studying 1-10 in Bangladesh about 30,000 – 2, 00,000.

Term of Loan

1. Get the highest term to one who goes to foreign country for studying about 1 – 5 years

2. 6 – 24 month for local universities student.

3. Six months to twelve months  for a primary student.

Eligibility of applying

The applicants who are applying for getting the student loan have to follow the eligibility of requirements of getting student loan. Some eligibility of getting the loan are as –

1. One have to keep introduction of nationality of Bangladesh

2. Consider the age that one has and the age is about 35 – 57 years

3. Claim up to have experience with a reputation company or government institution as an employee.

4. Divide the facilities by depending on occupations like as businessmen, self – reliant professionals

Explain the purposes

The Best banks are always trying to explain that what the purposes of getting the loan. On this, they may think some ideas like as –

1. The banks describe how one student can pay different types of fees such as tuition, travel, buy a  personal computer and books.

How to apply

For applying to the bank, you can know some ideas and some ideas are below as –

1. Fill up the student application form

2. Compare the rates of loan that make reduced the excessive cost that you may not expect as a parent.

3. Search the requirements that have already arranged through the banks.

4. Analysis student’s documents before filling up the application form.

5. Wait until you get your applying money.