Small Business Loan of MTB in Bangladesh


The time when you are planning to launch a small business, having a budget can play vital role. Only having the budget bears effective result in mind. But if you are not capable of making a better budget to lunch this business, the most important issue that you must consider is about getting loan. For this consideration, you can consider Mutual Trust Bank (MTB). The bank offers you taking the loan with lowest charges along with competitive rates, easy installment, EMI and repayment system ect.
Key Benefits:

Easy repayment System

Loan Tenure

Enjoy attractive interest rates

Easy processed ways


The loan receiver must be experienced on business for 1 year.

Loan Amount

Maximum BDT 50.00 lac

LoanĀ Tenure

Loan period up to 5 years

Repayment schedule

Equal Monthly Installments (EMI)

Up to BDT 5.00 lac is collateral free

Where to apply ?

Visit nearby branch of Mutual Trust Bank (MTB) and talk about the loan to the branch manager. Otherwise, you can also go through online.