SMS Banking of Trust Bank in Bangladesh


Banking Service of Trust Bank is going to high as a result of adding new facilities such as SMS Banking. By going through SMS Banking makes you sure saving time and money. There is no break of getting this service by customers in each a day. This service can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SMS Banking of Trust Bank helps you know about balance query and mini statement through SMS via a fixed mobile number.

By your mobile phone, you can do this activity in easily.

SMS Banking Services:

Account Balance Enquiry

Mini Statement

Notification on Account Debit

Notifications on Account Credit

SMS Alert Service:

A customer will get a SMS notification after completion of ATM and POS transaction containing the debit amount.

SMS Format

You may download the application form above or collect it from any branch of Trust Bank.
Please submit this form to your respective branch to obtain the PIN Code.

For Balance query :

“bal<space>PIN code” and send it to Trust bank’s mobile number “01713244905”

For Example: If your PIN code is 2000, you can write “bal<space>1499” and send it to Trust bank mobile number


For Mini statement:
“sta<space>PIN code” and send it to Trust bank’s mobile number “01713244905”

For Example: If your PIN code is 1499, you can write “sta <space><>1499″ and Trust bank’s mobile number


How to Apply

To get this service from your phone, you must fill up the below form with required information.