The current economy of Bangladesh


The current economic condition of a country is depended on the countries all types of activities. The political stability is very important for country economic. It helps to increase the economic power of a country. And for unaccepted economic is the reason of bad economic condition. The main sources of the economic power must be continued. To get the best economic condition it is more essential to all of them. To discuss the overall economic situation in Bangladesh is not in better condition. And the IMF mission chief David Coen says, various pressures from inside and outside the economy. Arriving home to the sums already expressed fears of further inflation, the IMF mission chief.

There is a risk of negative effects of labor income and export earnings seem International Monetary Fund (IMF). Speaking of the recent economic situation in Bangladesh at the meeting said David Coen, 10 percent of GDP tax milestone for Bangladesh economy. As a result of the government’s economic reform, private sector development has created opportunities enjoying – which will open the way to enrich the economy of Bangladesh. Coen said the benefits of the internal policy as support growth in the last fiscal year were quite good.  Annual Development Programmed (ADP) implementation rates and increased export earnings. Due to prolonged global economic downturn has made garment sector, additional market access.

Pharmaceuticals, processed food, ship building and light engineering industries have been added as a new export sector. However, the addition of ADP to remain below target for a variety of cost is pressures have increased the budget for subsidies.  In the meantime, a lot of power shortage has become tolerable. Increasing is instability in the economy due to the slow and weak policies. Therefore, inflation and purchasing power of people is diminishing. Bangladesh lost the capacity of the international competition for the same reason.

IMF mission chief said the economy in the context of international pressure, Bangladesh’s trade deficit with the country’s continued growth, exports less than imports, increased pressure in the economy due to reduced remittances and foreign Banks. As a result, the highest rate in a decade trade balance deficit increased. IMF mission chief said, referring to concerns about increasing inflation, food prices have already exceeded the amount of the house. Rose as a product of the second shock is very important.

May be due to the increase in inflation has expressed concerns. The central bank’s monetary policy Coen criticized the increase recorded in April, despite the credit has been reduced. David Coen said, if the infrastructure and business environment to enhance the misery if iron bred Bangladesh – could be a nice country for foreign investment. Bangladesh has the opportunity to increase exports, the regional head of the IMF mission, will rule the world economy in Asia in the next few years. Geographical location, Bangladesh is one of the most convenient locations. Coen said the question of market, constant monitoring of the development of the capital market as they are partners. However, the underlying subject matter.