The Future of Bangladesh Economy “part-1”


More recently, the potential of Goldman Sacks has created a new list of 11 countries. The country’s economy has been in coming forward ‘ Next Eleven. Bangladesh is one of the emerging countries Rx. The company said about Bangladesh, the country’s large population, mostly young. They were unable to change the country’s future. Believe me, the symbol of the possibility of conscious young society of Bangladesh. Their suffix, technology, courage and skill challenges Bangladesh can move forward.


According to the World Bank, between 2021 and 11 in Bangladesh have all kinds of opportunities to become a middle income country. States said their forecast, 2030 ‘ Next Eleven ‘ collective European Union countries will exceed 7. London’s national daily The Guardian wrote, the 050 will surpass Western countries in terms of growth in Bangladesh. Moreover, Moody’s and Standard and Poor are over the last few years constantly going through grades satisfactory financial rating. Their projections indicate stable and carries the potential of Bangladesh. Renowned organizations in Bangladesh have proved their huge potential.

It is grades achieve a very short list of the last four decades, but has gained a lot of pride. Production in the agricultural sector is the mainstay of the economy of Bangladesh, garment exports and remittances sent by expatriates, which are behind the country’s farmers, the working class and working people to contribute to the unforgettable. Bangladesh is an agricultural country, but it was not self sufficient in food. It was produced in the early seventies, one million tons of rice. It had a population of seven million and a half. Sixty percent food production needs. The rest of the food would have to be imported. But there were little foreign currency reserves. Palate for food aid to foreign hands would so regularly. The last four decades have been substantial improvements in agriculture. Bangladesh is one of creativity and hard work of farmers in food – is going through a revolution.

Bangladesh is now self-sufficient in food production. Food production has increased by more than half war. Government as the amount of rice consumption and production is in the two million to three million tons of the 57 million tons of 20 million. The country has a surplus of rice. In the past two years, Bangladesh rice imports closing. In addition, as to whether the policy of exporting surplus rice – are considered among controls. Bangladesh no longer a “bottomless basket “is but now those baskets full of food and the throng of foreign currencies. Bangladesh is now the famine. ‘Influence CCC ‘ word is exiled from the country. You have been such a big success at small farmers. Liberation struggle as farmers increase agricultural production have been robbed of victory. They are our real heroes. Advance agricultural development, women as well as men. Has facilitated the expansion of the agricultural sector with farmers, policy – defined plan, the agricultural development loans – their contribution is less. Outstanding role in the country’s economy garment industry. Thus, it will stand the RMG sector in Bangladesh became independent thought does not seem anyone.
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