The opportunity of Foreign Investment


A lot of foreign investment great deal of opportunity. Recently, the Government of Bangladesh in a supportive and competitive environment for private investment, domestic and international trade and investment in a number of policy reforms. Stable political environment conducive for investment and sustainable development of the country persist.

Private sector major thrust of Commerce Bangladesh establishing a market economy took a quick restructuring program. It has already achieved a modest but steady economic growth. The production and distribution is one of the assets of the economic policy based on competitive market economy and the confidence of the private sector to remove the restrictive economic measures. The government’s own involvement in every step is one of the moving industry and promoting private sector participation in infrastructure.

Specific reforms are the government’s economic policies, plans and public investment policy has been formulated. Catalytic role of the government in this regard, is by no means the controller. Controls and constrains have been brought to a minimum. The government has balanced its trade liberalization. Duty-free trade benefits, rational tax and significant progress have been achieved in improving export incentives. Various aspects of the structure and import policy have been the greatest importance.

Inefficiency of state-owned industrial and commercial organizations, and the changing market trends and consumer desires misuse of resources inability of the government to take the broader agenda of privatization. Program, offering substantial opportunities for international investors have been undertaken.

Textiles , leather goods , electronic products , chemical and petrochemical , agro -based industry , raw jute , paper , silk industry , frozen food , tourism , agriculture , small industries , such as software and data processing industry to attract foreign investment being tried . It is also heavy and Information – technology industries in which foreign investment is being invited to help import substitution.

Advantages of the foreign investment in Bangladesh
• 100 percent foreign direct investment or export processing area (zone) of joint venture or invest in these areas,
• The purchase of shares by the public through the stock exchange listed investments,
• investment in infrastructure sectors such as electricity , oil , gas and mineral exploration , telecommunications , ports , roads and Highways ,
• Direct / direct purchase or purchases of public shares (shares in the privatization process,
• EPZ investment.

The private initiative and processing industries is working for domestic and foreign investors to invest in all types of board in charge of providing services. Provide investment and business support to all main goal of this board. The head of government is headed by the concerned ministries on board, as a member of the Secretariat and representatives of the private sector. To attract domestic and foreign investors in the board already has launched. The BOI has been providing services in the implementation of new projects.

To stimulate rapid economic growth of the country to attract foreign investment, particularly through industrialization, the government has adopted an open policy. Bangladesh Export Processing Authority (BEPZA) to attract foreign investment in the country’s export processing and industrial setting is various support duties. Bangladesh has already created a conductible atmosphere for foreign investors and their confidence has been achieved.