The way of the eradication of economic development to obstacle “Part-3”


Breadth of the industry:

Development of the breadth of the industry is the basis of a nation. It is currently 54.8 percent rate in the country , they have large part of the name only to the independent  knows , despite the twenty-first century challenges ahead is not enough for the 54.8 percent . You have to take each. Without the knowledge of scientific which is very informative to all of them and technical and education and techniques invented and they can’t be used. The most discussed and important technology in the world, but would like to utilize information technology in the education. If the developed countries is the most of the world can be seen in the countries where the education percentage around sharing. Professor Marshall as criteria to identify the best investment so that the child.

Proper use of natural resources:

The Important of the contribution is to the economic development which is preferred of the natural resources. The Natural resources is very as well as providing industrial raw materials helps to achieve valuable foreign currency through exports. Bangladesh, despite the abundance of natural resources, the status is not totally bad. We have natural gas, coal, limestone, glass sands, and natural resources such as mineral sands. It is to ensure the maximum use of natural resources and have earned. Moreover, the discovery of new mineral resources and acquiring government will take measures.

Using modern technology:

Using modern technology and equipment for the vital to the development of agriculture and industry because it is must help to improve our agriculture. Improved farming methods, high-yielding varieties of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to increase agricultural production is through proper use. Utilities use at workplace improve rice production has been proven already. Similarly, through the use of advanced technology in agriculture and other at workplace can be an important role of major development. Moreover, we need a viable technology for industrialization. Involves total production will increase as well, the production cost will be reduced. Capital and labor is applied to appropriate modern technology with enhanced r ÿ is forced to slow the pace of development. It is meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, when the country will pay special attention to the development of technology.

Agricultural Development:

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Nearly 30 percent of the gross domestic product comes from agricultural production. Moreover, almost 16 million people on food supplies in agriculture. Agriculture to the economic development of the country can’t be excluded. So take the necessary measures to agricultural development, the use of modern technology to make source. Moreover, with the creation of new employment opportunities by developing ago-based industries to earn foreign currency may be the way. So if you need to arrange subsidies for agriculture will collect the necessary materials.

Capital increase:

We have to be International trade by hand working sectors. This trip is very easy to collect the necessary capital, which capital mobility and intelligence.

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