The way of the eradication of economic development to obstacle “Part-4”


Loan termination of culture:

An under developed country like Bangladesh, the country need’s large amount of loan for economic development. Because of the proximity which is one of the capital of the country. Moreover, if such a huge amount of capital investment is into the country to reduce trapped reduction and the best productions. The creation of new employment opportunities are reducing thus leads to unemployment. Thus, blocking the path of economic progress the country has become. So in the interest of the country will take legal action against. Delivery time will be more careful with the loans. Straight to the point that no tickets will terminate the existing culture.

Transparent and corruption-free administration confirmation:

Corruption is a major impediment to economic development. Corruption has entered the cell by cell by society. It is going in timely and efficiently completes a task or plan is or is not implementation. Due to foreign capital investors invest in the shake their suffering, which puts the country’s economy. So more or less responsible parties. To accelerate the economic development of the administration to ensure transparency and. Administration needs to be revamped. Moreover, the administration of political parties should be unaffected. Then accelerate the pace of economic development in the country and will be able to reduce corruption.

International management strategic position:

In the twenty-first century world of global free trade. The trade at workplace has become the single market in the world today. Thus the twenty-first century economic challenges today worry less developed countries including Bangladesh. It is very short of situations such as at risk, but also has the opportunity to benefit. So the international management of Bangladesh, especially in the economic and commercial strategies will, in order to increase economic aid to the country. Moreover, to take advantage of the opportunities created by the government for the payment of the highest gains will always be seeking.

Import of machinery and raw materials:

The capital structure of the submerged vortex of vicious poverty rate is very low. As a result of the development of the machinery industry is to rely on overseas. The need to increase the pace of industrialization, equipment, machinery, raw materials are collected from abroad. Thus, imports of manufactured goods are the industrialized countries. It brings industrial growth. This increases national income and economic development in the country.

Law – and order:

Law – one of the obstacles in the way of economic development and order situation. I must to be continued violence, extortion, etc., due to not stay for many investors to invest their capital. Others can’t survive long, but dare to invest. This country is reducing the country’s development. The government will be seeking to curb the violence. The law – causing local development order – will restore the confidence of foreign agents in all investments. And if it’s possible to go forward in the country’s economy will result.


Accelerate the development of foreign trade and domestic economy can greatly contribute towards the prevention of the exclusive deal. The producers are to survive in the competition.