The World Bank Activities for the Developing Country


Financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the World is an important source. It is not like ordinary banks. It is owned by 187 countries in the world, respectively, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development has two unique establishments and the International Development Agency (IDN), comprising a cosmopolitan institution. Tows companies are (IMF AND IDN) working separately but living in poverty reduction and development assistance in the world. (IDN and IMF) are of middle-income and poor countries to qualify for debt of the poorest countries in the world, with emphasis on the IDN. Both companies are developing nations in their education, health, infrastructure, communications, as well as providing concessional loans without interest various sectors of the grant.

The primary objective of IMF, the international currency system is the system of exchange rates and international payments or payments to ensure stability. So that countries are able to trade goods and services with each other. Prevention and crisis management to maintain stability in the international currency of the IMF, regional and global economic and financial development of the situation is reviewed. The agency in its 187 member countries to strengthen their financial stability, reduce the risk of economic and financial crisis, making the suggested guidelines for the development of life. Policies of the IMF to its member countries as well as national, regional and global results of the review will be a forum. In addition, member countries of the IMF balance of payments crisis occurs overseas , if the payment exceeds the amount of foreign exchange reserves tackle the challenges faced by providing temporary financial assistance .

However, the World Bank and the IMF has its own limitations. Member countries or countries Lender will not help all the time, same to be applied to all World of or formula , or do not understand the real situation of the country concerned has a track record of IMF . But the fact that such changes have occurred in reality, as the member states milestone in the development of the two firms have moved a lot of their traditional position . The World Bank and IMF member countries in these instructions should be exactly why and how they want to get help. Taken to implement economic reform programs of development assistance loan benefits, if not of all sectors of the financial sector has been better. In particular, the process of project design and implementation, and has been a hallmark of the global financial management skills and discipline.

Our nearest neighbor, India or China did not think at all about the World Bank and IMF offices closed. With these two development companies rather is than the interests of their own people through bidding or negotiation coming up with the maximum possible support. Why exception happens in Bangladesh? So, we should take best financial communication with the Word Bank. The Big point of the central banks of Bangladesh can helps to give large number of amount loan.