The World Bank and its partner organizations in Bangladesh


Like many developing countries, the World Bank and its partner organizations in Bangladesh, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on consecutive days against some of the allegations. 100 million USD loan to Bangladesh to develop them under the IMF did not help, and that means a lot problems imposed a portion of the country’s economists recently lodged a complaint against the company. We’ve already heard such complaints.

Interestingly, these same economists worry about everyone – those who believe in spirit and feel, the way we in our ‘ war of independence ‘ have the same ways should be collecting money for important projects. They also think that the IMF and the World Bank provided about our growth ‘ prescription ‘ at symbolizes and corrupt. Put the two of us, he should be avoided for the agency.

The World Bank and the IMF’s role in this situation, perhaps we now need to be evaluated. With the establishment of the two allegations made against the need to review the validity or rationality.

As a nation , we have repeatedly in the past or blaming themselves granite sinking defeat corruption , political conflict , social injustice and economic mismanagement issues like poor ‘ Champion ‘ was . The most important thing is that he is now in front of us , these two organizations have tried to help Bangladesh ( World Bank and IMF ) is not involved in it and to ensure that the same mistakes .
It is the shortly after the liberation of Bangladesh joined the World Bank in 197.

Bangladesh cyclone shelters in the affected areas of the company at an early stage project funding, emergency drinking water supply in a bid to revive the economy and help the country’s war. World Bank conditions of the economics and business IDN (International Development Agency) in 197 projects since Bangladesh is one of about 00 billion U.S. dollars in loans – provided assistance. In the seventies of the past century, this organization helps to increase the production of agriculture sector in Bangladesh and Bangladesh to become self-sufficient in food supply.

The program provides assistance for population control and family planning. This led to a dramatic improvement in Bangladesh commas. The World Bank activities are going throws of the bad conditions. Some country is collecting money from the World Bank and they provide the large interest on the loan. It is such as helps means the bad systemic. Many people can remember, I have included in the curriculum of the Breton Woods institute MBA or International Financial institute section to a press release quoted. As an economics student , or policy analyst at the World Bank and the IMF , I think the economy needs to increase or decrease the interest rate , good governance, development , privatization of state- owned institutions , eliminating corruption , poor loans, subsidies and the private sector should be strengthened to reduce dependence suggests If there is anything wrong in it .