Top Rated Best Banks in Bangladesh

Must Read Before You Open an Account


For the touch of digitalization, the banking sector in Bangladesh has brought remarkable changes for banking activities. These changes are especially seen for the last decade adding some exceptional activities by the banks of Bangladesh. The Nationalized Commercial Banks along with Private banks take the advances of the digitalization. The new banking activities like as ATMs, cash management, payment, treasury, trade services, custody and clearing, and consumer and commercial banking are seen in the banks. Almost all kinds of banks in Bangladesh continue their banking activities on these activities. All of banks are not considered good in spite of adding these activities. But question, what are the best bank in Bangladesh ? Here are some of banks which can be considered the best bank in Bangladesh. These banks are as below –

Sonali Bank

There are 4 state-owned leading commercial bank in Bangladesh. Sonali Bank is one of them. The bank serves to the clients by its best way in rural and urban ares. This is regarded one of the best bank in Bangladesh for being advanced in banking. It has large number of clients. Along with modernization, the is also changing its own system to serve the clients. The services of the bank are Corporate Banking, project Finance, SME Finance, Foreign Trade, Loan , Foreign Exchange, Rural and Micro credit, NGO-Linkage Loan, Investment and Remittance and so on.

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited


It is another bank which has many clients in Bangladesh. The bank is especially ruled by rules of Islam. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is briefly known as IBBL. When anyone selects the best private bank in Bangladesh, undoubtedly the bank will be in these list. It provides the latest opportunities like as ATM Service, Banking service, consumer service and so on to its clients. The is awarded as Best Bank, Best Islamic Finance Bank and many more since its establishment.

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited


Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Bangladesh is firstly launched by Dutch Bangla Bank Limited(DBBL). After launching this banking system, the bank has become more popular for a short time. It has the most numbers of ATM Booth service in Bangladesh. Like other banks, it also provides others services to its customers. The Slogan of the Bank is ‘ Your Trusted Partner’.

Janata Bank


It is another state-owned leading commercial bank in Bangladesh. It has serves its customers providing the advanced services like as Banking, Online Banking, ATM service, Retail Banking and etc. It has nearly 883 branches in rural and urban areas. It is awarded many times for its banking activities.

Standard Chartered Bank


It is the most valuable bank in Bangladesh even in the world. The bank is in not only Bangladesh but also in the world. Especially it is a British multinational banking and financial services company. The head office of the bank is in London. Although it is a British company, it is marketed in Bangladesh. This is one of the top rated bank which is providing advanced services like as credit cards, credit cards, consumer banking , corporate banking , Investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking and wealth management.