Trust Bank Limited


Trust Bank Limited is the one of the biggest bank in Bangladesh. The bank is providing the more opportunity to Bangladeshi people for their better living. The bank is providing all kinds of economic services in the world and Bangladesh. The bank is maintaining the economic power of the country which must help the agriculture sectors.

Bank loan
The bank is ordinary is providing the Business Loan, Loan for Poultry Farm, Peak Seasons Loan, Entrepreneurship Development Loan, Loan for Shopkeepers, Women Entrepreneur Loan, Loan for Light Engineering are as below the rate and amount of the loan.
1 Business Loan
2 Loans for Poultry Farm
3 Peak Seasons Loan
4 Entrepreneurship Development Loan
5 Loans for Shopkeepers
6 Women Entrepreneur Loan
6 Loans for Light Engineering

Deposit rate
The bank is providing several deposits by the number of duration. If you take a fixed deposit then you can get the minimum 7.00% to 11.00% interest rates.

Saving account rate is- 6.00%