What is the situation of the economy


Economy is the main part of the country development But everything is constantly threatened their lives and livelihoods. 70 million and 40 million migrant workers employed in the foreign exchange earnings of workers who have a solid foundation of the economy on the one hand; a significant part of the domestic trafficking of stolen assets is a millionaire and foreign companies. This is due to the country’s entire economy in jeopardy.

Women’s participation in all sectors of the economy and society through the dynamism has increased in the last two decades. But the work of women in the gorge of the way to the house of is increased insecurity. Education enrollment rate of female students has increased, but much higher rates of dropping out of studies. Insecurity in the lives of women relative to men has.

In fact, terrorism, occupation, plundering, now just simply is not a crime, economic and political activities as the most important section. Starting in the snatch and grab and loot organized in different ways depending on the activities related to terrorism. Underwood, public lands, common property, the possession of the object to all lakes to rivers. Possession – terrorism, corruption and criminal activities are not possible without the patronage of the state. These are not isolated incidents.

Because of these principles to be concentrated in the last few decades have vast resources in the hands of certain groups. Native occupation of the country, now overseas catch a lot of weight. The Oil – Gas – national wealth, power sector, infrastructure is now occupied by transnational capital, desperate for ensuring more occupied. Bay has now begun the possession of the United States for the Liberation Company with two hands. India is the regional center of the United States under the control of Bangladesh’s economy legal – illegal movement of waves.

A group of 43 years of independence on the one hand showing the glory of the vast majority of small horrors of poverty and inequality , on the one hand to develop the possibilities of the country – the national security and foreign occupation power outages in the country has cast a ruthless contrast . In the case of many of the military – the government has changed; But these policies, corruption and plunder cases levels – creates a new country was a lie. The team changed, the process has changed. It certainly can be said that, so people do not represent the mainstream of politics, domestic and foreign occupation. To defend the interests is of these groups, violence and conflict in their competition.

Confront and defeat the hegemonic dominance is not no way to ensure that the interests of the people of Bangladesh. Need to visit a development which would legalize certain not stolen them, public education – Medical – working primarily on the public ownership of national resources will be placed at the center of all policies and programs. Need to develop a politics and philosophy, which will be developed by the public in the development of philosophy. All baby colorful childhood, youth and old age in a safe, creative free for all youth to ensure ease of retirement to reach the goal of development should be considered. True freedom from the shackles when the hype.