What Should We Do For Better Development


The rest of the basic needs are food, clothing and shelter. This is all directly related to livelihood. In a word, a man who wants to be on his way to a livelihood which he can’t meet his basic needs. Do people actually do very much desire ? He wants society to be working for him; he and his family would not be able to do that with. Among the foods can give your family members. It can give children the light of education. Ultimately it will have lost the performance; they will take care of his children or the state.

A complex system means is the economic management. We are today in the midst of a complex puzzle. Some unscrupulous traders assembles the entire economic system becomes more subjective hope to profit by exploiting people. Again, do not spend the whole cooperative labor system that some unscrupulous people to take advantage of co- management of the economy to a standstill cackle. The combination of these two struggling economic system is now released. But just how cooperative and subjective measures of how to apply for a dynamic economy, our real goal is to find it.
Bangladesh is going down on economical conditions for the political affects. The last 25 years Bangladesh has developed in various kinds of sectors; unfortunately the political affects create a big hole to go next 15 years normally after the war. To make develop the country many sectors has depended on going to best. The agriculture sectors are one of the parts to develop the country. Some sectors which providing the large number of the profits of the country.


There is no denying the fact that society is split. Performance of individuals in society have greater performance than the individual, the less talented than there are talented, experienced individuals than younger or less experienced person again, the person who has completed the non- technical and technical knowledge person .However, in order to synchronize the different pay scale of I Only the performance of the salary scale division, on the basis of experience and merit.

The balance between imports and exports the strong economy of the country will be. Exports will increase as the economy gains of is a unique way to increase domestic production to reduce imports. Be used in all spheres of domestic products. Which brought about the need for the development of local technology university studies may be. After meeting domestic needs, the surplus to export overseas. If we can’t export any products, just lots of foreign exchange by export management can achieve.

But if the state is to invest in any sector should invest in domestic technology innovation. Call of domestic low-cost loans should be given to people – to build factories. Where should be invested in export management. People should be given adequate training for low-cost loans to cover expenses and foreign. For all the people of the country should be made a central data repository. A network of non-governmental organizations in the country between the governments should come up. All public / private activities should be included of Internet and mobile. If investment is to invest in the education system should be. The study should be. Health care should be.